A guide to dating.

Many people in long-term relationships, whether they are married or dating, complain about getting into a rut. Relationships usually started off with great bursts of passion and excitement but that begins to diminish as life becomes busy and work wears you out by the end of each day.

If you're in a dating relationship or marriage that seems to be in a rut, or even canít see why you can't keep a long term relationship exciting anymore, chances are you need to start afresh. That doesn't mean you need to split up with your current partner and find someone new, it means you need to revive the relationship with exciting and spur-of-the-moment activities.

When we look back on a period of our lives, itís generally not the regular day to day tasks that we remember. It is probably those fun and impulsive times when you did things that were ridiculous or scary or new. That's what it means to start fresh, go back to the beginning when everything you do is spontaneous and new.

The next time you and your partner or spouse are deciding to do something on Saturday night, don't just settle for dinner and a movie. Do something different like play paintball or have a picnic.

Try something simple and spontaneous like staring a water fight or blindfold your partner and take them somewhere they never been. Even surprise your partner or date at work just as they're finishing up for the day.

Relationships do not succeed for many reasons. A common and very sad reason is that people just drift apart because their partner doesn't excite them anymore. It doesn't have to be that way, just a little effort and imagination from both sides and you are on your way to building memories together.

You'll look back on your time together with fond memories as you consider the many enjoyable and unexpected things you did together. At the end of the day itís about choice. Choose to start your relationship afresh and have fun again!



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